Ribose Inc. – an online social collaboration platform based in Hong Kong

During the summer, Current Consulting team in Hong Kong assisted Ribose Inc. – a Hong Kong based online collaboration platform for global small- and medium sized companies and organizations. with an in-depth analysis of their current CSR strategy and documentation. Furthermore, Current Consulting provided insight, recommendations and action plan with the objective of obtaining full SA8000 certification for Ribose’s headquarters in Hong Kong.
Current Consulting first developed a full “Code of Conduct” (CoC) for Ribose, suitable to their conditions and requirements. The Code of Conduct was later aligned and implemented into their main management document and company handbook and communicated to all company stake holders.

As a second step, Current Consulting organized two sets of workshops with Ribose’s top management at their headquarters in Hong Kong. The first workshop was an introductory seminar with the purpose to introduce both the new CoC, and provide general training of CSR and the SA8000 standard. Current Consulting’s consultants also highlighted the relevance of CSR for each department and give instructions on the process and documents Ribose Inc. needs to prepare ahead of the full SA8000 audit.

The project was concluded the final workshop session, structured as a “gap analysis” and “stress test” to the CSR documentation and system built after the first workshop. A “Corrective Action Point” list was established, reviewed and accepted by the Ribose management which will continue to guide them forward towards full SA8000 certification. This project was an intense and rewarding period of engagement with CSR and Social Accountability in a challenging Hong Kong workplace.

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