Supply Chain Advisory

Our Supply Chain Resilience services prepares our clients for unexpected risk events. We first assimilate your business needs and then work with you to develop solutions that meet your requirements. Whether it is improving our client’s sourcing and procurement processes, offering on-site quality assurance and consultancy or sustainability audits and strategic support – Current Consulting Group will give you results while mitigating the risks involved.

Business Intelligence

We provide actionable business intelligence to our clients through international capabilities for managing risks and related extraordinary situations. Our core service is multi-layer Due Diligence, which starts with a basic public records search and extends as far as source-based investigative work in the field.


This is our strategic practice which is closely connected with Supply-chain and Business Intelligence. Through this practice, we help our clients assess organizational readiness for variety of loss scenarios through identification of mission-critical assets in connection with business objectives. Our focus is on reduction or elimination of reputational, operational, and financial damage.


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