Resilience – an ability to competently prevent and respond to financial, operational, and reputational challenges through identification and management of mission-critical assets.

Our mission is simple: to help individuals and organizations effectively scrutinize and optimize their resilience capabilities – from defining critical assets and understanding impact of their loss to designing and implementing solutions rooted in vigilant culture and risk-conscious decision making.

Why we’re different:

We believe that problems are best solved upstream.  Therefore, our focus is on finding gaps between our clients’ trust in their risk control measures and the reality of how such measures are designed and implemented.  We don’t just react to our clients’ problems and address them with “band-aids”.  We ask how such problems could be avoided in the first place and teach our clients about ways of preventing them by focusing on mission-critical assets and associated loss scenarios.  We help cut through the noise of information, inefficient legacy practices, and fragmented technology applications.

Let us help you build resilience in practice.


Our services are generally arranged in the following four categories:


Optimization of readiness, response, and recovery

How sure are you about your capability to prevent, respond to, and recover from calamities?  Existing plans are often shallow, rarely well-tested, and carry a ton of assumptions.  For example, a major production line at one factory had to be shut down for some time simply because standard inspection and anti-contamination processes were poorly designed.  This interruption caused both reputational and financial damage.  Do you think you have gaps?  How about your service providers?


Asset protection consulting

Asset protection – an ability to manage mission-critical assets while minimizing risk of their damage or loss.

What are your mission-critical assets? Do you understand how their loss or disruption may affect your operations, reputation, and financial strength?  Do you protect assets based on their criticality, vulnerability levels, and threat actor interest and capabilities?  If you have good answers to these three questions it is likely that you will not need our help.  In fact, we’d like to learn from you!  If you’re not sure, we can help in a very cost-effective way and teach you how to improve without spending huge budgets on consultants.  We helped one client improve their intellectual property and manufacturing protection program through a single workshop where we identified sensitive assets they hadn’t considered.


Technology Consulting

The resilience and asset protection technology market is becoming more saturated with “solutions” with narrow application. Systems like signal intelligence, identity and access management, incident response and orchestration, and many others often come from different manufacturers without cohesive integration and well-designed user experience.  For this reason, our clients call on us to conduct a needs assessment and help select solutions which are fit-for-purpose and have a long-lasting operational value.  We recently helped a client team save over US$100,000 in security technology acquisition by re-assessing risks and optimizing system interoperability.


Resilience Training

“Tell me and I will forget. Teach me and I will remember.  Involve me and I will learn.” – Benjamin Franklin.  We don’t believe in one-time lectures because they offer minimal or no benefit.  Our training and coaching are designed to help effectively address clients’ resilience and asset protection challenges.  We design, facilitate, and follow-up on our exercises to maximize memorization of content and positive changes in behaviors / processes.  Just reach out to us with a topic of interest.  You will either be satisfied or pay nothing for our work.

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