LEAX Group – a global, industry leading manufacturing partner

LEAX Group is a privately owned business group with its origin in Köping, Sweden. Since the beginning of the 1990´s LEAX have grown with more than 35% per year. Today LEAX have a turnover of more than SEK 1.5 billion on a yearly basis and have more than 1200 employees. LEAX’s customers are mainly within the Commercial Vehicles, Mining & Construction, Agriculture, General Industry and Telecom industry. Today they have five factories in Sweden, two in Latvia, one in Germany, one in Hungary, one in Brazil and one in China.

LEAX’s Chinese operations have experienced rapid expansion in recent years. The rapid growth is dependent on a well-structured sales organization, putting increasing pressure on the sales department to develop the necessary strategies and tools for the fast-changing business environment in Asia.
Firstly, the lack of over-sight and up-to-date information about LEAX’s global customer base and their operations in Asia made it difficult to form a direct sales strategy and action plan on a local level. Secondly, there were limited support systems in place to facilitate the sales process and enable sales staff to do more efficiently reach their potential sales targets.

The Managing Director of LEAX China assessed that the company needed external support in tackling this challenge and found Current Consulting, with its vast experience in setting up distribution channels in Asia, local on-the-ground knowledge and a proven commitment to helping clients achieve high performance – was ideally suited to help address this challenge.

As a first step, an as-is analysis of the client’s sales process was performed to gain comprehension of the current situation. Several workshops and process walkthroughs were held with LEAX’s Management to map out the actual processes and identify the most useful tools necessary to complete the task.

Current Consulting’s team formulated a number of recommended solutions in order to reach desired outcome. Recommendations were assessed based on impact, ease of implementation as well as required resources and a tentative time-line project deliverables was formulated. Due to the scale of the project, it was decided to divide up the project in several phases to evaluate and adjust the work-flow and report format after each phase.

Current Consulting helped map LEAX’s biggest global clients which resulted in research of over +500 units on different locations in China and Asia. The results of the research were then compiled into an interactive visual report that can be updated and filtered real-time. The sales progress is easily monitored and followed up on in real time for internal meetings. By doing this, LEAX’s management gets an overview of both the sales process but also of the potential of their products and of the market as a whole.

The project team continuously followed up the progress with LEAX’s Management to ensure that deadlines were met and that the expected results were achieved and that new and improved processes were followed.