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2018-10-28 08:42:00

SAC Nordic – “Safe Security Solutions”

SAC Nordic AB is a leading provider of public security solutions in the branches voice alarm, emergency lighting, safety cable, CCTV and public address. SAC Nordic’s main market is Scandinavia and they also have subsidiaries and representation in the Netherlands and on the Balkans. For SAC Nordic, the customer is always in focus and they want to be the safe and natural choice for simplicity, security and future safe security solutions.

SAC Nordic’s operations and international purchases have grown rapidly the past eight years. Today they source from over 15 countries globally and this rapid growth has put increased pressure on the purchasing department to develop the necessary strategies and tools for the fast-changing business environment.
SAC Nordic assessed that the company also needed external support in tackling this challenge and found Current Consulting who has vast experience of building and administrating supply-chains in Asia with local on-the-ground knowledge and a proven commitment to helping clients achieve high performance.

Current Consulting started with an analysis of SAC Nordic’s supply-chain and procurement process to gain comprehension of the current situation. Several meetings and process walkthroughs were held through our the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2014 to map out the actual processes and identify the most useful tools necessary to complete the task. Among many of the services selected to support SAC Nordic, the most noteworthy were:

  • Order administration – Administration and negotiation support on SAC Nordic’s entire supply-chain in the region, which includes production initiation and monitoring with follow-up on production- and quality status and order delivery.
  • Logistic support – Assist and consult on logistic solutions and needs, administration and management of related documents for export and all freight matters.
  • Quality assurance – Inspections and audits according to international quality standards, norms and regulations, but also according to SAC Nordic’s requirements, specifications and Code of conduct.
  • Supplier development – Consultancy and assistance, in addition to direct intervention, as delegated by SAC’s direct and explicit request, for what is necessary in order to improve supplier quality and services offered.

Current Consulting continuously follows up the progress with SAC Nordic’s Management to ensure that deadlines were met and that the expected results were achieved and that new and improved processes were followed.

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