The system of ISO27001 is intended to bring information security under explicit management control. By becoming ISO 27001 certified, companies are showing a commitment to ensuring that adequate security controls are in place to protect information and data from being accessed, corrupted, lost or stolen. In addition, your company can demonstrate compliance with internationally recognized standards of information security.

ISO27001 will drive your organization to a more secure way of information control:

  • Systematically examines the organization’s information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts.
  • Designs and implements a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls.
  • Adopts an overarching management process to ensure that information security controls continue to meet the organization’s information security needs on an on-going basis.
  • Invaluable tools for monitoring, maintaining and improving a company’s information security management system. It will unquestionably give your partner organizations and customers greater confidence in the way they interact with your business.

The business benefits from ISO 27001 certification are considerable. Not only do the standards help ensure that a business’ security risks are managed cost-effectively, but the adherence to the recognized standards sends a valuable and important message to customers and stakeholders.

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