Supply Chain Advisory

Quality Assurance

Quality, time and, reliability are important factors when ensuring a successful supply chain. Current Consulting Group will minimize your risk and be your eyes and ears on the factory floor. We perform inspections and audits according to international quality standards, and are also happy to adapt to our client’s requirements, specifications and code of conduct. Special areas of expertise include automobile, garments, construction, medical, and food.

Inspection services also include a basic review of the supplier’s capabilities, such as management, operating procedures and quality systems. Within 24 hours of the inspection you will receive a preliminary report with photos and information. If discrepancies are found, we immediately confront the responsible factory staff and contact you from the factory floor with a recommendation on how to take the next steps.

Pre-Production Assessment (PPA)
The PPA inspection takes place right before, or in the very beginning of the manufacturing process at the factory. The aim is to make sure the customer’s specifications and requirements are well understood by the supplier. Early identification of discrepancies and misunderstandings, together with corrective actions early in the production process will save both time and money.

During Production Inspection (DPI)
The DPI takes place when the first 0-20% of the production has been completed, allowing for immediate insight into the actual capacity and preparation level at the factory, identifying potential production issues at this stage leaves time to adjust and to avoid quality defects of the final product.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
A PSI takes place when 100% of the products are produced and 80% are export packed. The PSI lets you confirm that the goods you’re receiving are of the quality required and minimize the risk of a re-inspection or to deal with quality issues once they reach their destination.

Goods are reviewed rigorously on-site through a variety of industry standard tests and measurements to ensure that the material, performance, function, and overall quality meet your specifications.

Container Loading Inspection (CLI)

A Container Loading Inspection takes place at supplier’s warehouse, or at the forwarder’s premises and aims to control the condition of containers as well as to ensure that the right quantity and quality of goods will be shipped. Our presence will also minimize the risk of theft, mishandling, and incorrect loading of your goods.

Lab Tests

In addition to our ocular quality inspection Current Consulting Group also provides lab-tests and verification reports through world leading international test-labs and organizations. Lab tests are conducted to help you to reduce risks and examine the quality and safety of your suppliers’ raw material, components or products, such as “Material composition tests”, “ROHS-” and “REACH-compliance” tests.

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