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| 19 September 2021

CCG presents at ACFE webinar on Fraud Prevention

CCG has been invited to present at the upcoming ACFE Morning Webinar on Fraud Prevention – “Process Design & Corporate Culture Development”

In this morning webinar, CCG’s Ilya Umanskiy, GRCP, RAMCAP and Bjorn Wahlstrom, PCI will explore fraud and our ability to prevent it as an outcome of process design and organizational culture building.

Their presentation is inspired by Dan Heath’s recent book, “Upstream”. In it, the author explores the reasons why organizations suffer from serious problems – not once but multiple times. He concludes that our ability to solve problems before they happen, thus preventing serious damage to organizations, should and can be improved.

Click here for more information about ACFE and how to secure your invitation to this event: ACFE Morning Webinar on Fraud Prevention

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